Axora Recognized as a Leading UX Design Agency in Belarus in 2019

We are a talented team of digital marketing experts, helping our clients reach and meaningfully engage with their audiences. The necessity of quality user experiences and proper marketing techniques cannot be overstated in their contribution to commercial success. We provide a wide array of services to improve the digital presence of our clients, from marketing to quality design, and we do it all efficiently and always from scratch.

Our primary concern is ensuring that our clients enjoy as much online attention as possible. For this reason, we are excited to share that our own online presence has just received a boost. We can now be found on Clutch, the premier B2B ratings and reviews service. Clutch uses in depth market research and verified client reviews to identify top service providers in markets around the world. After being the subject of intense research, we are now featured as one of the top UX designers in Belarus.

Although we enjoy the ability to be evaluated by market experts, we are most excited about the opportunity to receive verified reviews from our clients. And in our short time on the platform, we already have our first client review! When asked what they found impressive about Axora, the project manager of our digital development client said,

“Axora was knowledgeable about the process and produced high-quality work. Additionally, they were very responsive to our needs and delivered the work on time for our client.”

Client feedback is always welcome, but receiving such positive client feedback is always cause for celebration. We look forward to seeing what else our clients have to say about us, and using their feedback to improve our work in the future.

In addition to being named a top UX designer, Clutch’s sister-site, The Manifest, has listed us as one of the top software development firms in Belarus. The Manifest helps small to midsize companies by giving industry insights, how-to guides, and recommendations of top service providers in different markets. We appreciate the praise that we have received, but we also believe in letting our work speak for itself, which is why we posted a portfolio on Visual Objects, a space for software developers and other creatives to share their work and attract clients.

We are excited to continue learn more about what our clients think of us, and we are excited to continue to master our craft. Thank you to everyone who has helped us along the way, we could not have gotten to this point without you.